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Superannuation Law Master Class (Sydney 28 November 2017)

In this full day presentation, we will work though six areas of the superannuation law which cause the most confusion to SMSF Trustees and Professionals.   The session is designed for accountants who already have a basic understanding of the superannuation law but want to gain a better understanding of the complex areas of the law which cause the most contraventions. The seminar uses scenario-based examples, exercises and discussions to keep participants fully engaged. To register for the full day session, please click here.


SMSFs and Properties (Sydney 29 November 2017)

For many people, investing in property through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is an attractive opportunity.  However, aside from assessing the risks and returns of such a venture, it is important that potential investors are aware of the rules and restrictions contained in the Superannuation and Income Tax Laws.  In this 3 hour presentation, we will examine what SMSF trustees and their advisors must be aware of in order for an SMSF to lawfully acquire, maintain and dispose of properties.  To register for the half day session, please click here.

 Are you worried about:

     Establishing the wrong SMSF structure

     Non-compliance and ATO penalties

     Structuring borrowing incorrectly

     Not knowing the investment restrictions

Let me help.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are my passion. I want SMSF professionals and trustees to have the best tools to help them navigate through the complex maze of superannuation laws and regulations. I can give you the tools.

I am the advisor whom advisors come to for help. Let me help you.

I specialise in providing advice on SMSF compliance, training for professionals, seminars and webinars for professionals and trustees, as well as SMSF content for your in-house newsletters.

I am committed to helping SMSF professionals and trustees understand the law so SMSF members can obtain maximum retirement benefits and retire financially independent.

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