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‘SMSF Masterclass’ – Wednesday, 27 September, 2017.

In this full day presentation, we will work though six (6) areas of the superannuation law which cause the most confusion to SMSF Trustees and Professionals.   We will look at scenario-based examples and exercises to explain the law.

The session is designed for accountants who already have a basic understanding of the superannuation law but want to gain a better understanding of the complex areas of the law which cause the most contraventions.

The session will cover:

  • Who can be a trustee of an SMSF. Most people do not realise that if they have been convicted of a dishonest offence, such as stealing, they are considered a “disqualified person” under the Superannuation Law.  It does not matter when the offence occurred.
  • Relatives and Related Parties: These concepts have different meanings within the superannuation law.  While one area of the law includes extended family as relatives, another area does not.  SMSF members can contravene the law if they do not understand these terms.
  • Assets that can be acquired from a related party: There are ways for SMSFs to acquire assets belonging to members. What can be purchased and when is the key.
  • Superannuation Contributions: There are situations where the actions of a member could see them making a contribution to their SMSF without realising it.  Timing of contributions is also important in claiming tax deductions as well avoiding exceeding the contributions caps.
  • Superannuation Benefits: Must superannuation benefits be paid in cash?  Can a benefit be paid using assets?  Can it be journalised?  Although benefits can be paid in instalments, there are restrictions for death benefits.
  • Death Benefits: What happens on the death of a member? Should a binding death benefit nomination be implemented?  What is the requirement for the payment of a minimum pension payment upon death?  Monica will outline the critical differences in the definitions of a “dependant” under superannuation law and income tax law.

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