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 ‘Building A Nest Egg In A Self Managed Superannuation Fund’ IPA Webinar – Thursday, 16 May, 2019.

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Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) members and professionals need to be aware of how to build a nest egg in an SMSF while complying with the law.

In this two-hour webinar Monica Rule will explain:

  • Who can make contributions into an SMSF
  • When is a contribution treated as being made to an SMSF by the Tax Office
  • The contributions caps
  • Various types of contributions that can be made
  • Tax deductions and tax offsets claimable on certain contributions
  • Entering into investments with related parties of an SMSF
  • Various ways to transfer assets into an SMSF

The webinar will give you a good understanding of how to build a nest egg in an SMSF by:

  • making contributions for a spouse and claiming a tax offset on the contributions
  • increasing personal contributions by 50%
  • making contributions in excess of the contributions caps
  • not worrying about a member’s total super balance in order to make contributions
  • being eligible to claim larger tax deductions
  • using proceeds from the sale of business assets to make contributions
  • avoiding higher contribution tax for high income earners
  • using structured settlement contributions to your advantage
  • making contributions from the sale of the family home
  • understanding how investments can be entered into with related parties
  • transferring assets into an SMSF

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 Are you worried about:

     Establishing the wrong SMSF structure

     Non-compliance and ATO penalties

     Structuring borrowing incorrectly

     Not knowing the investment restrictions

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are my passion. I want SMSF professionals and trustees to have the best tools to help them navigate through the complex maze of superannuation laws and regulations. I can give you the tools.

I am the advisor whom advisors come to for help. Let me help you.

I specialise in providing advice on SMSF compliance, training for professionals, seminars and webinars for professionals and trustees, as well as SMSF content for your in-house newsletters.

I am committed to helping SMSF professionals and trustees understand the law so SMSF members can obtain maximum retirement benefits and retire financially independent.

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