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Institute of Public Accountants’ Webinar – ‘SMSFs and Properties’ – 10 December 2015

I conducted a webinar with my new training SMSFs and Properties on Thursday in conjunction with the Institute of Public Accountants. Eighty-eight people registered for the event which is a good number for this time of year. Some of the positive feedback included:

In answer to the question, “What worked well?”

“Reference with the Book”

“Coordination of the online presentation organisers and a host.”

“All very good.”

“Monica kept on top of the presentation and answering questions at the same time.”

“Plain English.”

“Knowledge of the presenter.”

“Webinar very convenient for me, time of day was good, support materials excellent, easy to follow along.”

“Great technical range covered.”

General comments:

“Presenter knew her stuff; the book is great.”

“Great host!”

“I am very happy about the subject matter which cleared my questions and doubts.”


Talking “Estate Planning” with the Como Discussion Group

I had a great time with the accountants and auditors of the Como Discussion Group on the evening of Thursday, 15 October, 2015. The venue at the Royal Perth Golf Club was just beautiful. I was so impressed the groups’ level of SMSF knowledge and their engagement in the presentation was fantastic. I even had Troy come up to talk about the relevant Court cases to show where estate planning had gone badly wrong. Many thanks to Lesley McKay for organising the evening and to the Como Discussion Group for being so welcoming.

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Monica and Lesley McKay

Monica and Lesley McKay

Como Discussion Group 16.10.2015 004

Monica and Phil Griffiths


Troy’s mid-air mishap!

We were incredibly lucky last week when Troy collapsed on a QANTAS flight to Sydney. In addition to the very professional QANTAS staff, there were two nurses and a cardiologist on-board the flight. Unfortunately Troy could not be revived for 10 minutes so the flight returned to Perth and Troy was taken to Royal Perth Hospital. Thank you to the people who helped Troy on the flight as well as the paramedics and staff at Royal Perth who took such great care of Troy. Thanks also to the Institute of Public Accountants for their understanding and the beautiful flowers. I was travelling to Sydney to provide some training to IPA members when all this happened so I was grateful that the IPA staff were able to make other arrangements when I needed to be with Troy. He even got an article in The West Australian on the weekend!

Flowers from IPA 001


Visit to Butler Settineri

I had a great visit with partners and managers of Butler Settineri on Wednesday, 26 August, 2015. My thanks to Sandra Colson and Joe Gangemi for arranging the visit and for making Troy and I feel so welcome. I was very impressed with the level of SMSF knowledge of the Butler Settineri team.

Sandra Colson, Superannuation Manager & Joe Gangemi, Partner, Butler Settineri with Monica at Butler Settineri's offices in Subiaco.

Sandra Colson, Superannuation Manager & Joe Gangemi, Partner, Butler Settineri with Monica at Butler Settineri’s offices in Subiaco.

A beautiful gift

It’s really important to surround yourself with a reliable network of professionals who share your values. One of my recommended professionals has been very appreciative of my support and sent me this beautiful gift. For me, it’s a privilege to work with such fantastic people where we can help each other to get the best outcomes for our clients.

Kylie Thompson Gift July 2015 1  Kylie Thompson Gift July 2015 2

Upcoming Training

I’m really looking forward to delivering training to the clients and members of my good friends at Law Central and The Institute of Public Accountants. I’ll be running a webinar for Law Central on Tips and Traps for Property Investment in your SMSF on 28 July and I’ll be running SMSFs and Properties for IPA in Perth and Sydney and Superannuation Law for Self Managed Superannuation Funds for IPA in Sydney in September.

If you’d like to know more about the Law Central Webinar, or the face-to-face training I’ll be running for IPA in Perth or Sydney, click here to go to my training calendar.

I’m back from Gallipoli

I had an amazing time on my Gallipoli cruise with Troy and his parents. The cruise followed the troop convoy route from Albany and we stopped at Sri Lanka, Egypt, Greece, Italy and of course Gallipoli in Turkey. To experience the centenary of Gallipoli with a ship load of Aussies and Kiwis was an experience I’ll never forget. I feel so lucky to have seen some very special parts of the world, but I feel even luckier that I live here in Australia. It’s nice to be home!

Luxor Temple, Egypt

Luxor Temple, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Egypt

North, Beach, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

North, Beach, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

The Parthenon, Greece

The Parthenon, Greece

The Colosseum, Italy

The Colosseum, Italy

Institute of Public Accountants’ Webinar – 12 March 2015

I ran my two hour Superannuation Law for SMSFs training course from the comfort of my office for The Institute of Public Accountants last Thursday. Forty-eight people from all over Australia signed up to participate. Thanks to Greg Tangey from IPA for his great co-ordination. A few comments from participants (in answer to the question “What worked well?”):

“Having the book as reference.”

“Referring to notes along the way.”

“The additional information to explain some issues.”

“Clear answers, speaker’s voice tone.”

“Monica speaks very clearly and at the right speed.”

“All of it.”

“Presenter was able to explain all aspects of the law relating to SMSF’s.”

Institute of Public Accountants, WA Division training

I had a great time presenting Superannuation Law for SMSFs to IPA members in Perth on Friday 6 March, 2015. It was a full-on day for the delegates as we covered all the basics of superannuation law. My thanks to Kerrin and the team at the WA Division for their hospitality.

A few comments from my participants:

What did you find most useful?

“Easy and simple step by step information.”

“All the basic knowledge, traps & tricks.”

“The whole package.

IPA WA Division 6.03.2015 FiveIPA WA Division 6.03.2015 ThreeIPA WA Division 6.03.2015 Two

SMSF Association National Conference in Melbourne

I attended the SMSF Association’s National Conference in Melbourne recently and I’ve picked up quite a few stories so keep an eye out for my newsletters and newspaper articles. It was great to catch up with some old friends and colleagues as well as visit with the friendly teams at the Institute of Public Accountants and Australian National Consulting. Troy and I even got to go to the World Cup Cricket to watch Australia play England!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With Institute of Public Accountant’s staff (L-R) Alicia Richards, Sara Muggeridge and Greg Tangey
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With the team at Australian National Consulting (L-R) George Kordos, Michael Kakaras and Liza Gendo
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Troy enjoys a beer with Neale Prior, Personal Finance Editor at The West Australian
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Catching up with James Kirby, Wealth Editor of The Australian