Institute of Public Accountants’ Webinar – ‘SMSFs and Properties’ – 10 December 2015

I conducted a webinar with my new training SMSFs and Properties on Thursday in conjunction with the Institute of Public Accountants. Eighty-eight people registered for the event which is a good number for this time of year. Some of the positive feedback included:

In answer to the question, “What worked well?”

“Reference with the Book”

“Coordination of the online presentation organisers and a host.”

“All very good.”

“Monica kept on top of the presentation and answering questions at the same time.”

“Plain English.”

“Knowledge of the presenter.”

“Webinar very convenient for me, time of day was good, support materials excellent, easy to follow along.”

“Great technical range covered.”

General comments:

“Presenter knew her stuff; the book is great.”

“Great host!”

“I am very happy about the subject matter which cleared my questions and doubts.”