Mingling with Kookaburras and Hockeyroos!

We had an amazing time last night at the Whitford Hockey Club fundraising dinner for the new club rooms and synthetic turf. We were very privileged to meet and chat with the coaches and some of the players of the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras. It was so nice to wish these dedicated people all the best for the Rio Olympics.Monica won a ball signed by Madonna Blyth, Captain of the Hockeyroos and Troy went and grabbed the signatures of Kate Hanna, Savannah Fitzpatrick, Mark Knowles (Captain, Kookaburras), Tyler Lovell, Chris Ciriello, Graham Reid (Kookaburra’s Coach) and Adam Commons (Hockeyroos Coach) as well. Thanks to all the dedicated Whitford people who organised this great night.


Monica with (L-R) Tyler Lovell, Mark Knowles (Captain), Chris Ciriello


Adam Commons (Hockeyroos’ Coach) and Graham Reid (Kookaburras’ Coach)


Monica with (L-R) Kate Hanna, Savannah Fitzpatrick, and Madonna Blyth (Captain)