Superannuation law is complicated and constantly changing. If you are a professional dealing with SMSFs, are you confident that you are giving the right advice to your clients? As a trustee, can you be sure that you are doing the right things to comply with the law? Let me assist you with your complex superannuation queries and give you some insight into contemporary compliance issues facing trustees.

Seminars and Webinars

Tailored to suit your individual needs I can present to both SMSF professionals and trustees. Are you hosting a function for your SMSF clients? Consider an SMSF compliance expert to talk them through the law using plain English. To view current events click here.

Click here for pictures of me at “The West Live” panel discussions on 12-13 October 2013 and here for pictures of me me at “The Residential Property Outlook, 2014” on 29 January 2014.


SMSF professionals are at the front-line for advice for trustees. Are you sure your staff are giving the right advice? Most SMSF trustees want to be actively involved with their SMSFs and want the knowledge to be able to do this. My course limits the jargon and “tech-speak” so everyone can benefit. I tailor my training to meet the needs of professionals and trustees and I use engaging scenario-based sessions to get your staff involved in their learning. To view current events click here.

For details on my SMSF Association accredited training Superannuation Law for Self Managed Superannuation Funds click here.


They say two heads are better than one but many heads are even better. Do you have complex SMSF issues that need to be widely understood by your staff? Let me moderate a workshop for you to work through the issues and achieve positive outcomes. To view current events click here.

In-house Newsletters

Many  firms now keep in touch with their clients via a monthly newsletter. Let me write your SMSF content to give you interesting and informative articles which will keep your clients highly engaged with your firm.

Take a look at what I have produced for on-line legal document provider, Law Central, by clicking here.