“Monica was an excellent clear speaker in plain English and very structured. Would recommend her to other professionals in relation to training.”

“The book handed out is really useful. Thank you.”

“One of the best training seminars I have been to. Thank you!”

Feedback from training participants conducted at the Institute of Public Accountants (WA Division), February 2014 


“We all found our meeting to be extremely informative & very helpful…I will certainly be recommending Monica to anyone we come across who may require superannuation advice.”

R. Agland, Peppermint Grove, Western Australia 

Monica assisted me with a technical query in relation to my SMSF investing in a trading co-operative.  Monica responded very quickly to an unusual query, which necessitated research. Her report was detailed and covered several eventualities, which gave me the confidence to proceed in a complex negotiation. I found Monica’s written advice very clear and easy to follow. I would be more than happy to use Monica’s services with other queries I may have in the future.

K. O’Connor, Batemans Bay, New South Wales

Newsletters and Webinars

“The Law Central team and Monica Rule possess a sound working relationship. Monica is a regular contributor of SMSF bulletin content which we distribute to our national database of subscribers. She has also been a guest presenter to a Law Central audience via our Webinar program. Law Central has used its online platform to promote Monica’s latest book edition titled, The Self Managed Super Handbook to our subscribers. All our dealings with Monica have been personable and professional, with her effervescent persona making her a pleasure to work with.”

Mario Surjan, National Product & Marketing Manager, Law Central 

“The information was extensive but presented in a manner that was not overwhelming.”

“Excellent session.  Very useful information provided.  Monica knows her topic well and was able to convey her knowledge in an easy to understand manner.”

Feedback from Institute of Public Accountants webinar participants, June 2014 


The Self Managed Super Handbook

“My husband and I have had our own SMSF for some years now but in spite of our endeavours to keep up to date with the regulations, as our circumstances change as does the knowledge required to run our fund. We are regular readers of Monica’s book, The Self Managed Super Handbook and find that she is only too happy to clear up any aspect that we are unsure about by email.

We are also in receipt of Monica’s monthly newsletters which always contain timely and clearly laid out information.  May we have many more years of a successful association.”

S. McNamara, Brisbane, Queensland

“As a financial adviser, The Self Managed Super Handbook provided confirmation of my understanding of the superannuation law. The contents of the book are easy to understand and apply. The book is a useful reference.”

Ross Cardillo, Mareeba, Queensland.

The Self Managed Super Handbook contains practical info, not aimed at corporate high-flyers, but choc-full of everyday solutions.”

P. Kirkpatrick, Bendigo, Victoria.

The Self Managed Super Handbook has increased my knowledge of the superannuation law and will assist me in making correct investment decisions. I found the content of the book easy to understand and helpful. It provides information that could not be located easily in other forums. I am using the book as a major reference for the setting up of my SMSF.”

R. Lees, Melbourne, Victoria.

“I find The Self Managed Super Handbook invaluable as a concise introduction. Because the book includes ATO publications it saves me a lot of time in searching for relevant material to read if I want to expand my knowledge in a particular area of the law. The book also assisted me in understanding what options are available in deciding what investments to enter into. The book gave me insight into the terminology and rules. I use the book as a reference in structuring my investment strategy after considering my age, amount of super I have in my SMSF and projected earnings. I also find Monica’s Newsletters most useful.”

D. Melia, Southbank, Victoria.

“I have purchased the first and second edition of The Self Managed Super Handbook. I found the information in the books absolutely helpful in providing me with information when setting up my SMSF. I also found Monica’s newsletters very informative. Compliance is absolutely essential for trustees and something I feel you can never have too much information on.

Don (address withheld)

“I found The Self Managed Super Handbook very helpful, especially in deciding whether to purchase collectibles and personal use assets as part of my SMSF investments.”

L. Williams, Queensland.

The Self-Managed Super Handbook is a must buy for anyone who has a self managed superfund or is contemplating setting one up. The book is both comprehensive yet easy to follow. It navigates the potential minefield of rules and is written by a true expert in the field – someone who works “on the other side”, so to speak.”

G. Goh, Bedford, Western Australia.

“We find The Self Managed Super Handbook and Monica’s newsletters very helpful. Now that we have retired we are anxious to learn all that is necessary to ensure that we properly and lawfully manage our SMSF even though we do have professional help. We sincerely appreciate Monica’s practical and extremely useful book and newsletters.”

E & J Abdo, Pelican Point, Western Australia.